Kenya Crawford, MHC, M.A., Ed.M


Kenya is a Mental Health Counselor, Researcher, and Consultant on Racial Equity, Sexuality, Gender, & Intimate Partner Violence.  

As a Mental Health Counselor, Kenya serves people navigating previous traumas, intimate partner violence/ family violence, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Within these dynamics her clients frequently explore struggles related to their racial identities, sexual orientation, gender identity, involvement within child welfare, struggles with social class, and involvement within sex work.

Kenya began her research journey exploring the impacts of marital discord on children’s development of romantic competence and mental health. Currently Kenya continues to conduct research at Columbia University within the Stigma, Identity, and Intersectionality lab. This research focuses on the impacts of racism and heterosexism on LGBTQ people of color.

As a consultant, Kenya aims to use her clinical and research skills to share intersectional knowledges with agencies, schools, and private practices. By drawing on a practitioner, research, and advocate model, Kenya hopes to foster a space for dialogue, where people can learn, grow, and resist various forms of oppression.

Academically, Kenya graduated with honors from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors in Human Development and Family Studies with concentrations in Psychology, Sexuality, and Gender studies. Kenya also completed a dual masters with honors from Teachers College, Columbia University in Mental Health and Psychological Counseling with a certificate in Sexuality, Women, and Gender Studies.  

Gender Pronouns: She/They


Look for where your privilege intersects with somebody’s oppression. That is the piece of the system that you have the power to help destroy.
— Ijeoma Oluo