Consulting Services

Training’s & Workshops

  • *Anti- Racism/Anti-Oppression praxis is infused throughout all consulting services*

  • Power, Oppression & Privilege:   Ignoring power, oppression, and privilege in the workplace leads to oppressive cultures. Together we can explore each members social location, uncover blind spots, and work towards creating anti-oppressive spaces.

  • Accountability : together we’ll operationally define accountability by exploring your personal definitions of accountability and your expectations. Understand the difficult emotions that emerge when discussing, incorporating, and infusing accountability among individuals. We’ll also highlight the ways power and privilege mediate accountability measures.

  • Intimate Partner/ Domestic Violence: This training includes clinically trauma informed interventions to explore previous or current experiences of intimate partner violence with clients. By understanding the impacts of violent relationships clinicians will learn to navigate the nuanced impacts of of violence within partnerships.

  • Gender and Sexuality: This training is catered to educators and clinicians searching to deepen their knowledge into the LGBTQ community. Together we can move pass simply acknowledging what LGBTQ stands for but acknowledging our power and privilege regarding this community and ways we can disrupt systems of oppression.

  • Mental Health: Understanding the impacts of mental health allows us to fully address the needs of people around us. During this workshop we’ll explore our stigma regarding mental health, ways to cope with mental illness, and community resources.

Affinity Group Facilitation

Lead ongoing healing spaces for people to explore the impacts of systemic oppression & acknowledge the importance of resistance to white supremacy.

Curriculum Development

Work in partnership with individuals to foster inclusive, anti-oppressive, and trauma informed curriculum covering healthy relationships, intimate partner violence, and inter-generational trauma.

Program & Organizational Consultant

Unsure of which services you need? As a consultant, I can work in partnership with you to explore areas of growth to heal and resist oppressive structures.

Speaking Engagements